Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'M BACK!....??

Well, needless to say I have not been doing such a great job capturing life on here.
However, I am going to try and make it a point to integrate this into my routine each week for a little change-up.

Since talking last, there has been so many things that have went down. It would require countless hours and some crazy typing to express what has been going on with life, my mind, and everything else.

A few things:::

I posted awhile back, but I have been blessed to be able to take part in a non-profit organization called Sophia's Heart ( It has done a number of things to keep myself in check and remind me that it's not really about me. I will talk more about it in entries to come (crossing my fingers:))

I have also been going through a time of unclarity. This has been not fun at many times, however I can see how God has used it TO clarify if I really am living on faith. It has also required some evaluation on how I have been and need to handle things. This is another journey I hope to touch on more in the coming times.

I also was able to sit in on my first "official" co-write this week. We were trying to write a song that expressed the heavy issue of having one last breath/one last time and what we would do differently. There were many different variations of it, but it had some potential when we were done. Of course, my American Idol started to come out and instantly reminded me of Kris Allen's song "Live Like You're Dying". (Which was written by the Script?! what?)

Anyway, this song has been going hand-in-hand with what I've been trying to live out and remind myself with all that has been going down.

To save time and your interest in reading (which could consist of a whopping 3-4 if lucky..ha), I wanted to at least get this started again. So....cue your favorite music selection to roll it out... and I will be posting again shortly.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What If We Used The Same Excuses For Work As Church?

So...quick thoughts for the day. Just for kicks I was wondering what it would be like if we used some of the same excuses "church"people use for church, week in and week out, and applied them to their everyday work/job (For the record, this is not including vacations, sickness, and logit stuff)

- "What a night last night!! or I was so tired from last night and just wanted to sleep in"
- "Not going there today because of that one person or group of people"
- "It is too early to be there"
- "It's not entertaining enough so why bother"
- "It's been a long week, so I needed a day off"
- "There are two-faced people there"
- "The music/atmosphere doesn't suit me "
- "We have to be there for at least an hour?!"

I know it is a stretch in some aspects..but what if we used these every week for our job. We might not feel like going or even want to go to the job some days. But, we know going there will provide us sustainability to live or help keep our families alive. What if we applied that to going to church? We might not get paid with money or even by physical means, but what about "paid" or satisfied spiritually? Just a quick thought for the day.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Recent Adventures and Us "Telling God What To Do"

Hello generous blog readers! This blog thing can take some serious time. I was planning on taking time to make it look good, start some reviews on movies and music, and I have definitely been slacking on all of that. So....I apologize. More of this listed will be on its way very soon!

While we wait, I did want to provide an update for everyone interested. This past week I have been able to partake in some amazing meetings for things going on and things that will be happening. Some to point out are new things at Show Hope (which I will touch on at another time), Mary Beth Chapman, Newsboys, and our E1 Entertainment people (William McDowell, EA, and others).

I have also been able to take part in some amazing services at Kairos at Brentwood Baptist the past few weeks through great speakers such as Dave Ramsey, Priscilla Shirer, and amazing worship stuff. I usually try to avoid names on anything and can not usually stand when people do the name dropping thing. However, I felt it was necessary for everyone to know this week and for everyone that has been asking for awhile.

If I were to sit here and write stories, thoughts, and revelations through all these encounters no one would have enough time to read how blessed I've been. Of course, I really want to try hard to make it less about what "I am doing".

So, something that did stand out to share was simply one statement in a meeting I was in. We were talking about worship and how so many people go to church or even in prayer and love to tell God what they want from Him. That takes me to the other week when the pastor at GracePointe talked about Peter and the grace continually shown to him. There was a time when Jesus was talking about what was going to happen and Peter completely stops him and it says he took Jesus aside and began to rebuke him. (Mark 8:31, 32)

That description sounds crazy and funny how after all Peter has done and continued to do, and he pulls Jesus aside to "rebuke" him. Isn't it funny how we all can be the same? We pray "asking" God to do this and that for us and do we ever open ourselves up and ask what do YOU want from us??

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lip Sync Unplugged

(Another random experience and thought)
Just got back in from a fun weekend in Atlanta. Atlanta Fest was being held there and I was able to help out with the band Echoing Angels, judge a band/talent competition for the festival, and meet even more great people. Of course, it was "hotLanta" as they say, but some great music went on and also not-so-great. As I have seen more and more bands perform of all various styles and ways of connecting I have to say it is very interesting. There are soo many bands that give off the same vibe, in the same genre. However, as I've seen more, you can really tell what and who have the true passion of what they are delivering and the talent...(Echoing Angels, Britt Nicole, Tenth Avenue North guys to name just a few).

One other wonderful act came to mind as well at the Fest, that included a trio of three girls around 12 maybe...? They came up with some hot beats and tracks produced great. Then, I heard some amazing singing. I became impressed, then one girl's mic. cable fell off while she was singing. Interesting that she came through clear as a whistle without the mic. So, if the lip syncing wasn't enough, the manager cracked me up even more. He was behind the console and myself telling them what to do as they sang and the proper distances to stand. ....Then, the snowball continued. "under my umbrella" referring to God happened and was quite amusing.

I began to realize then how many horrible "pro"performances there have been on shows like American Idol, SYTYCD, and any shows of the like. With the total focus on look and lack of singing, it seems that no one gets the idea how unsatisfying it really is from the crowd or fan perspective. Sure, it is needed in certain times.. but, still amazed how many people are still soo popular without the talent to back it up when there are so many bankers, coffee makers, and waiters that dream of nothing but doing that and have the actual umph or pipes. for the lesson? To be honest, I have no clue why or how it is like that. But, what came to me is how we can do our best to do the marketing thing, look good, and have some killer tracks with great music; We can be standing/dancing/whatever to the song or words. But, what happens when the chord comes unplugged? Will it expose what we really are, can we come back and share the true talent and message, or will the "track" cover us? That way we can just play it off over and over again. Not very deep...but I would like to relate it to our walk and talents. Have no clue why so many with the true talent or maybe different kinds of talent are being used differently (or in waiting), but if we were in either position what would be the case for us

ay, ay, ay, ay, ay ay??

Friday, June 11, 2010

The CMA Fest, CMT Awards, and (The Crew)

Ok...this blogging thing got postponed unexpectedly due to internet problems. But, we got it restored and are back and running.

So, this entry is not intended to be as intense or mind-blowing as the first initial one. However, it does deal with some pretty exciting events that took place for the week. So this is moreso a "catch-up" time brought to you from the little world of Matt.

Basically, this week has been concert attending galore. Flood benefit concert was great and inspiring with some great Christian music that included Natalie Grant singing her face off. Then, we had the chance with friends this week to be in the "mosh pit" at the CMT Awards.

We waited in line to get in, just so happened that a torrential downpour came about and soaked everyone. So, that started out the long wait in addition to the herding of around 300 people around the Bridgestone Arena. However, very cool experience with being right at the stage runway where the presenters and winners were. *In fact, you can see my friends and I in every shot, as a sidenote* We are pretty much famous and taking offers.

Went first night of CMA Fest last night with big Country acts like Danny Gokey, Tim McGraw....others , Lady A. and Carrie Underwood. Which had around 42,000 in attendance. for the deep thought part of my blog: It first off reminded me how amazing it is that the thousands of people will drive from all over to see a few artists, bands, and literally lay on the streets to get someone's autograph. For a side note, I also wanted to give mad props to Carrie U. I was very impressed as she went from "Temporary Home", to "Jesus Take the Wheel" to "How Great Thou Art" as the main headliner in front of 42,000.

All of these experiences do put things in perspective. First off, it reminds me once again just in one football stadium how small I really am in this world. It also sparks the thought for me hypothetically if I were given the chance to be in any of the "stars" shoes what messages would I choose to share on the platform?

What if roles were in the production were messed up...sound, lights, out-of-tune, sour vocals, poor marketing for this huge event? It would make the "star" look bad possibly and more than likely the lacking in production crew could be fired.

What if we just entertained the thought of sharing our faith (the Gospel message) as if it were similar? Some of the crew slacks...poor marketing, bad representation through sound or images? Would people want to take interest in our "star" or "product". Is the sound distorted to where you can't hear or am I singing some sour notes?

More random thoughts that swim around my head as I thoroughly enjoy the music and concert world. Maybe off-the-wall, but hey, it's ok. Peace.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jordin Sparks, Step-by-Step, and a Few Thoughts To Kick It Off...

Well, I have to say I never would have thought I would be sitting down to write a blog. Of course, my life recently has been a constant stream of overwhelming experiences. Many of you may or may not know that I moved to the Nashville area in January. So, as time has progressed, I literally have had something new to face everyday. When I was working with EMI Christian Music Group, I completely expected to be doing small mundane tasks, as I've told many, and isn't it funny how the Lord has a completely different scheduled agenda than the list you want to follow?? It turns out that it is Better and works out in ways you never would've dreamed of.

I had heard a majority of my life about faith, peace, guidance and even experienced so many events to this very day that I could talk about to show how the Lord has allowed me to take part in. (As I'm singing the theme song to "Step By Step" in my head right now). But this point in my life has really woken me up to reflect on so many past events and used those to trust and have faith for the future.

I began to ask myself why was I allowed to be placed here at this moment, at this time... when I could've been anywhere else in the most horrific situations.
I'm reminded by Louie Giglio's series where he refers to us as a minute speck on a tiny golf ball out of billions compared to the view from the Sun. (If the Earth were a golf ball).... and even though I never thought I would be here, be working with people in the music industry, be searching for a full-time job, be writing on a blog that maybe my family will read (if I'm lucky..ha), and yet still, the "star breather" has loved this little hint of a speck and allowed me to be here, at this place, this time. Why?

I can not help it as Jordin Spark's song "One Step At A Time" goes through my mind while typing, but it does. Even though I do not know the next step, I have been reminded each and everyday that the Creator of the Universe has specifically allowed me be here at this place at this time...even writing this blog right now. Though, this is a huge collaboration of some random thoughts going on up in the "noggin", I love how in Matthew 6 it says live Today because we do not know what tomorrow brings. So, this really challenged me and asked what can I do here, now, today? Even in the unknowing future with jobs, living, bills, and yes even girls? Then, it hit me that I truly can't do anything. Even though I fail miserably has and always will be Him that allows me (the hint of a speck) to serve, be used, and live for Him and if I choose not to, then He can just move on to another person to use.

Definitely do not want, my first blog has to consist of telling you where I am right now and I wanted to set the stage for the true author and writer of my life.

Excited to see what is in store!